Beauty Treatments


Using our specialist Dermalogica products each facial will be tailored specifically according to your skin-type and tone.

Our skin care specialist will provide a free consultation advising on an optimum skin-care regime and/or a tailored facial.

Dermalogica where skin care problems are solved consult us for advice on; dry, dehydrated, mature, oily, sensitised, sensitive, combination, acne or skin prone to breakouts, abnormal pigmentation,  rosea, dull or lifeless skin. All skin types can be treated even if you find your skin is a combination of these skin types in


We offer Swedish massage using a selection of oils to suit your needs or suit your preference.  We offer a full body massage, back, neck and shoulder, scalp and foot massage. 

Massage improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and de-stresses giving a sense of well-being.


Hive roll on waxing system reduces the sensitivity of waxing and is a quick and effective method.  We use t-tree wax which can treat even the most sensitive of skins creating a smooth finish.  T-tree lotion is then applied to soothe and protect the area. 
Waxing makes the hairs grow back finer unlike shaving which strengthens hairs. Eventually the hair growth slows down and the hairs stop growing.

Silhouette Dermalift Face

Silhoutte dermalift uses electrical impulses that stimulate the muscles making the muscles firmer and toned, this results in skin firmness, reduces lines, wrinkles, dark circles under the eye, reduces frown lines, lifts jowels and can also give an instant eye-brow lift.

Silhouette Slimline Body

This treatment tones the skin and firms the muscles it also stimulates circulation in the skin which reduces cellulite, slack skin and fatty deposits. Inches will be lost instantly and skin will be firmer.

An application of make-up is applied after a cleanse, tone and moisturise. For a special occasion or tips for home use whatever the occasion we will colour match to give you colours which suit your skin tone and products which suit your skin type also.
We also do home visits for weddings, parties or any special occasion.

St Tropez Air brush Tanning 
St-Tropez air is a spray-tanning treatment that is applied evenly over the skin giving a natural tan.  St Tropez is a product that stimulates your natural melanin in your skin as well as bronzing your skin so even the fairest of skin types will have a natural looking tan.  The airbrush machine can also be adjusted to create a colour suited to your skin type or for the occasion you are having the tan.  So a light tan through to a dark deep tan can be achieved to your preference.
This treatment takes ten minutes to apply and five minutes to dry so you could do it in a quick break or anytime you prefer in the day.


This hair removal treatment uses sound waves that enter the hair follicle through a needle.  The needle reaches the root where the hair grows then a current is emitted which in time kills the hair off so it stops growing.

Eye Treatments

Eyelash tinting – eyelashes can be tinted to define your eyes and make them stand out more, it is also a good alternative to mascara especially if you are on holiday or suffer with hay fever as the tint is permanent and will last for 4-6 weeks so it does not matter if you are in the water or your eyes get wet.  You can have black, brown, blue/black, grey, blue or a mixture of any combination of these colours.

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows can be shaped to frame your eyes and create an instant eye lift. This makes your eyes look larger and wider.  You can have your eyebrows tweezed or waxed depending on your preference.

Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting can give a nicer finish to your eyebrows by making them look fuller and a more defined shape.  It is also good for eyebrows that are sparse or that have gone a lighter colour to your hair.

Eyelash perming

Eyelashes can be permed to lift them upwards as if they have be curled with eyelash curlers.  This makes the eyelashes look longer and your eyes appear larger.

Vitamin c eye treatment

This treatment reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eye area.  It also lifts the eyelids making them smoother and firmer.

Nail Treatments


We use Bio-Sculpture gel which is applied to the natural nail to strengthen and condition the natural nail.  The gel is available in over 100 fashionable colours, delicate shimmers, french manicure and glitter gels.  The gel will not chip and will keep a well manicured look long after application.  It is also great for toenails.

Gel nail extensions

We can enhance your natural nail to make it longer by adding a tip to your nail with Bio-Sculpture gel applied over the nail and tip to keep your nail conditioned without any damage to your natural nail.  You can have them clear or there are a choice of colours available.

Advantages of Bio-Sculpture gel:

  • No damage to the natural nail
  • Easy removal by soaking off
  • No dust, odours or fumes
  • Thin, strong, flexible natural looking
  • Conditions and strengthens
  • Will not chip
  • No drying time is needed so no smudging occurs

Luxury manicure

Our luxury manicure involves cuticle oil applied to the cuticles then a hand moisturiser is massaged into the hands to improve circulation and for relaxation, then warm mitts are fitted over the top which opens up the pores and allows the hands to absorb the moisturiser leaving them soft and supple.  The cuticles are then tidied and pushed back, the nails are then filed with a varnish applied if desired.

French manicure

A french manicure involves all the procedure of the luxury manicure but the polish applied has a white tip across the tip of the nail that can be applied further down the nail which enhances the nail and makes the nail look longer.  Then a choice of clear varnish ivory or pink is applied over the top of the nail for a natural finish.

Mens Treatments

All the treatments are available to men with the additional services specific to men including back and chest waxing.  Men too can benefit from a Dermalogica skincare regime with facials and products specifically designed for male grooming.  We also sell a kit which includes an ultra smooth shaving remedy that forms a cushion between skin and razor for a clean, non-irritating shave.