Q. I have sensitive skin; therefore i’m reluctant to use new products. I have developed allergies in the past. Any ideas as to what I should do?

A. All Dermalogica products are chemical-free and are sourced from natural ingredients. For sensitive skin we would offer a regimen of Dermalogica’s unique Anti-Ozanate Complex; A selection of conditioners,cleansers,moisturisers to protect and heal skin, reduce redness and prevent inflammation and further attacks.

Q. My skin is oily in places, but I also have dry patches. I want to maintain hydration, without my skin feeling shiny and slimy. What can I do?

A. You have combination skin.  Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner and Active Moist moisturiser(light-weight oil-free moisturiser) contain natural compounds that wipe away impurities, without leaving skin dry and tight. Skin is kept hydrated, nourished, fresh and light.

Q. I am past my teens but am still vulnerable and prone to spots and ugly outbreaks of acne. I have tried many products on the market but they seem to have only made the problem worse. This is seriously affecting my confidence and so my life. Can you help?

A. Dermalogica have developed certain products that specifically combat excess oil production and outbreaks. Their unique formulas cleanse the skin deeply and wipe away oil and impurities without harsh, drying effects. Also at Beauty worx we offer facials that restore PH balance and so calms the skin. A regular regimen using the correct products would destroy bacteria and inhibit outbreaks forever. Come and talk to our experts.

Q. I am very rushed in the mornings.  I am a very busy working mum with children to organise for school, my skin’s in need of T.L.C especially as I am now post 40 but I have limited time!

A. Take advantage of Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel or soap bar for an effective cleanse to be used as an easy face wash.  Dermalogica also do a toner which is also quick and effective which comes in a spray so one quick spray and you’re done.  Skin smoothing cream can then be applied after.

Q. I do look after my skin and try to eat the correct foods but my skin is dull and tired looking with uneven pigmentation what can I do to improve it?

A. A whole brightening system range will suit you.  The products contain botanic brighteners and vitamin c to restore your skin’s healthy glow while balancing pigmentation and protecting against future discolouration.  Facials are also available for a bright, radiant complexion.

Q. I am having a St Tropez spray for the first time can it go orange?

A. A special formula ensures a golden brown colour the results give the most natural looking tan possible from a bottle. St Tropez can be custom blended to make sure the tan is not too dark

Q. I am having a St Tropez tan for the first time. Will it streak?

A. It is applied via an airbrush and so is spread evenly on to body.  It tans to one strength. If your body is covered then, the tan will be even.  St Tropez offers a flawless, full body spray tan of a glorious golden brown without a streak in sight.  Verdict:ten out of ten. Source: NOW magazine.

Q. How do I prepare before a spray tan? D0 I have to do anything?

A. Exfoliate in the bath/shower prior to application. Do not wear make-up, jewellery or perfume and deodorant during tanning.

Q. How can I make my tan last?

A. It takes between four-eight hours to develop.  Wear lose clothes when coming for a tan.  Do not bathe or do strenuous activity that will cause you to perspire during this time. Moisturise daily.  St Tropez everyday moisturisers are available at Beauty Worx for optimum results.