Price list


All 1 1/4 hour facials include back massage

Prescription Facial for all skin types (1 hour) £45.00

Ultra Calming Facial
for sensitive, acne rosacea and sensitised skin (75 mins) £50.00

Age Smart facial £50.00
Dry and premature ageing (75 mins)

MediBac facial £45.00
Oily and acne prone skin (75 mins)

Chroma White Facial
for uneven pigmentation (75 mins) £50.00


(using Aromatherapeutic blend of oils)

Full body massage (1 hour) £40.00

Full body massage
including face and scalp (1 hours 15mins) £45.00

Aromatherapy massage (1 hours 15mins)£40.00

Reflexology massage (1 hour) £40.00

Indian Head massage (30 mins)  £30.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage (30 mins) £30.00

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face and scalp massage (45 mins) £35.00

Hot stone massage Back, neck, shoulder (45 mins) £35.00

Hot stone massage Full body (1hr 30 mins) £50.00


Our waxing method uses warm roll-on wax for a quicker and less painful treatment.

Bikini line wax (Standard)£15.00

Brazilian wax £25.00

Playboy wax £28.00

Hollywood wax £30.00

Full leg wax £25.00

½ leg wax £20.00

Full leg and bikini line wax £30.00

Full leg and underarm wax £30.00

½ leg and bikini line wax £25.00

½ leg and underarm wax£25.00

Underarm wax £15.00

Forearm wax £158.00

Lip wax£10.00

Chin wax £15.00

Lip and Chin wax £15.00

Eyebrow wax £10.00/ Shape

Vajazzle £25.00



Lip £15.00

Chin £15.00

Lip & Chin £14.00


Consultation and 20 minute treatment£30.00

20 minute treatment £20.00

1 minute thereafter £1.00

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis uses a small current of electricity to cauterise the problem area on the skin. Advanced Electrolysis can remove Vascular Blemishes such as Thread Veins, Spider Naevus, Telangiectasia, Cambell de Morgan, Skin Tags, Papillomas, Millia and Blood Spots on the skins surface without leaving a scar. Advanced Electrolysis is suitable for all skin types.

Free Consultation

1 treatment (10 mins) £55.00 – £100

Epil Pro

Consultation and 20 minute treatment£30.00

20 minute treatment £25.00

1 minute thereafter £1.00

Non-surgical face or body lift

Dermalift microface firms wrinkles, lines and lifts jowels and neck. Slimline body is an inch loss treatment to firm and tone muscles and slack skin.

Full face or body (1 hour) £45.00

Course of 10 treatments£370.00

2 sections of the face or body (45 mins 2 sections) £35.00

Course of 10 treatments£300.00

St Tropez & Fake Bake tanning

Full Body spray tan £30.00

Half Body spray tan £15.00

Two spray tans £40.00

Full body cream application £40.00

Body Treatments

Body Exfoliation and full body massage £50.00

Body Wrap (firming and toning treatment for the tummy, hips and back)£50.00

Body Wrap (cellulite treatment for the legs and bottom) £50.00

Shrinking Violet Body wrap £50.00

…or course of 3£130.00


Eyelash perm £30.00

Eyelash tint £16.00

Eyebrow tint £10.00

Eyelash Extensions from £55.00

Infills from £35.00

Vitamin C eye treatment (for dark circles, puffiness and lines)£30.50

Henna brows £35.00

Make up

Wedding make up applied in the salon (inc. trial) £150.00

Applied at home or venue (includes trial) £200.00

Additional members of the wedding party (ie bridesmaids etc) £40.00

Wedding package that includes: Trial make up for the bride, Wedding make up on the day for the bride, Wedding make up for 3 additional members of the wedding party (bridesmaids or mother of the bride etc) In the salon £300.00

Home visit or venue £500.00

Everyday make up for a special occasion £40.00


Luxury manicure (Includes hot mitts). £30.00


Luxury pedicure (Includes spa and hot mitts) £30.00


Mini manicure (shape and paint) £20.00

Mini pedicure (shape and paint) £20.00

French mini pedicure or French mini manicure £25.00

Foot Treatment £25.00

Bio Sculpture Gel chip resistant & strengthening

Gel Overlay

Clear £35.00

Colour £35.0

French £38.50

Gel nail extensions








Soak off and extensions

Clear £50.00

Colour £55.00

French £58.50

Soak off and gel overlay


Colour £45.00

French £48.50

Gel overlay on toenails£35.00

Soak off £20.00

Tips (each) £5.00

Repairs (each)£3.00

Minx foil nail nails wraps £25.00

Shellac 14 Day chip resistant

Shellac £28.00 

Soak off and re-apply£35.00

Shellac lux manicure (inc hot mitts)£35.00

Shellac lux manicure soak off & re-apply£40.00

Shellac lux pedicure (incl spa & hot booties) £35.00

Shellac lux pedicure soak off & re-apply £40.00


3 minutes £3.00

6 minutes £6.00

9 minutes £8.00

12 minutes £10.00

Special Offers

60 mins £40.00

90 mins £55.00

120 mins £65.00

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Treats lines, wrinkles, dull and dehydrated skin, sun damaged skin, skin laxity, acne scarring, congested and acne prone skin. Using a controlled method of skin resurfacing, by gently exfoliating the outer layers of skin, while increasing ne collagen and elastin formation to visibly rejuvenate and firm the skin of the face, neck and body.

The results are visible immediately. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, back and anywhere with problematic skin, stretch marks or scaring.

Course of 6 treatments is recommended and the treatment is 1 hour.

1 course (6 treatments)£270.00

1 treatment£55.00

Aesthetics from £55.00


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion £55.00

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion back treatment
To reduce the pores and to reduce the bacteria in the skin making the skin smooth and supple (1 hour)£30.00

Prescriptive facial (1 hour) £45.00

Back, neck and shoulder massage (1/2 hour)£30.00

Back, neck shoulder & scalp massage (3/4 hour)£35.00

Back wax£25.00

Chest wax£25.00

Mini manicure £20.00

Mini pedicure £20.00